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Cake Smash Photoshoot

Includes - Baby Portfolio, Sibling Sessions and Family Portraits.

Package Starts with $400

1 to 2 Hours


Cakesmash Photoshoot: Capturing Joyful First Birthday Moments


Welcome to Kohli Klicks Photography, where we specialize in capturing precious moments you and your family will cherish for generations. Our Cakesmash Photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate your baby's first birthday and commemorate your first year of parenthood. Dive into the details of this heartwarming and joyful session.

First Birthday Photoshoot Near Me: The Joy of Cake Smash & Splash

Our Cake Smash Photoshoot is a delightful experience that captures the sheer joy and curiosity of your baby's first encounter with cake. This 1 to 2-hour session is divided into three parts, each designed to create a diverse and charming gallery of images.

Cakesmash Photoshoot: Service Details:

  • Package: Our Cake Smash Photoshoot package starts at $400.

  • Duration: The session typically takes 1 to 2 hours in our family-friendly studio.

  • Three-Part Session: Our Cake Smash Photoshoot is divided into three exciting parts to capture a variety of adorable moments:

1. Baby Portraits:

We begin the session with adorable baby portraits highlighting your little one's unique personality. Our studio is a family-friendly space where you can bring your baby's favorite toys and snacks to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We encourage you to bring special toys or outfits you'd like included in the photographs, adding a personal touch to the memories.

2. Cake Smash Extravaganza:

After capturing those heartwarming portraits, it's time for the cake smash! We'll dress up your baby in an outfit that suits the occasion and encourage them to explore and enjoy their birthday cake. Whether you choose a cake from a recommended baker or have your preference, we ensure that safety and dietary considerations are considered. The result? Adorable moments of cake-covered smiles and pure delight.

3. Splash Time Fun:

The cake smash is followed by a splash session, where your baby can revel in warm water, bubbles, and even fruits and milk. This part of the session is a favorite among the little ones as they play, splash, and explore in the water. It's a magical sight that captures the innocence and happiness of childhood.


Creating Lasting Memories:

At the end of the session, parents play a part in the clean-up process, using wipes and towels provided. We're here to guide you on what to bring and ensure the process is smooth and enjoyable. Once the session concludes, we review all the captured images together, allowing you to select the ones that truly resonate with you.

Your Personalized Experience:

Our studio offers an array of birthday decorations, props, and outfits, allowing us to craft a theme that aligns with your preferences. We discuss decor options, attire choices, and even the perfect cake for the occasion. Plus, if you're interested in capturing key moments from a birthday party, we're also here to make that happen.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Experienced Photographer: With years of experience, Jaspreet Kohli understands how to capture the essence of childhood and family connections.

  • Family-Friendly Studio: Our studio has all the session and post-session cleanup facilities.

  • Memories to Treasure: We believe in creating timeless images that your family will cherish for generations.

  • Flexible Options: Beyond studio sessions, we're also available to capture key moments at birthday parties for children of all ages.

How to Prepare:

  • Book in Advance: Many families book Cake Smash Photoshoots in advance for their baby's birthday.

  • Bring Fruits: For the splash session, we encourage parents to bring fruits of their baby's choice to make the bath even more enjoyable.


Contact Us:

If you're searching for a unique "first birthday photoshoot near me" to celebrate your baby's milestone and capture those precious moments, our Cake Smash Photoshoot is the perfect choice. Contact us today to discuss themes, availability, and any questions.  Join us on this joyous journey, and let's create a treasure trove of precious memories together!

Capture the Joy with Kohli Klicks Photography:


Celebrate your baby's first birthday in style with our Cake Smash Photoshoot. From heartwarming portraits to cake-covered giggles and splashtime fun, we're here to create a memorable experience you'll treasure forever. Contact us today to book your session and capture the magic of this milestone moment.

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