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Kohli Klicks – Capture Lifelong Memories in Edmonton

Welcome to Kohli Klicks, your premier destination for capturing life's most cherished moments in Edmonton. Our passion lies in immortalizing the beauty of maternity, the warmth of family bonds, and the innocence of newborns.

Trust us to turn your events into timeless memories through our expert photography services.

  • Authentic Moments

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Photography Services Offered

Kohliklicks provides professional the following services for photography in Edmonton

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Maternity Photoshoot

Celebrate the miraculous journey of motherhood with Kohli Klicks' tailored maternity photoshoots. Designed to highlight your unique glow and excitement, our sessions provide a serene and supportive environment. We encourage expectant mothers to bring meaningful items, like ultrasound images or heirloom baby clothes, which add a personal touch to the photos.

Our photographers are skilled at capturing the beauty and intimacy of pregnancy with artistic poses and natural lighting. These sessions are not just about creating memories but about capturing the emotional and physical journey that motherhood entails. From ethereal outdoor settings to cozy, indoor backdrops, we ensure every shoot reflects your personal story and style. The result is a timeless collection of images that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Newborn Photoshoot

Our newborn photoshoots at Kohli Klicks are dedicated to capturing the fleeting, tender moments of your newborn's first days. Safety and comfort are paramount in our sessions, which are conducted in a warm, calm environment to keep your baby soothed and secure. We use soft, natural colors and minimalistic props to emphasize the innocence and delicate features of your newborn.

Our photographers are trained to handle and pose newborns with the utmost care and patience. We encourage parental involvement in the session to capture the bonding moments that naturally occur between parents and their new baby. These shoots are an opportunity to document the beginning of a new chapter in your family's life, providing you with images that become more precious as time passes.

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Sitter Session Photoshoot

As your baby grows and starts to sit up, our sitter session photoshoots are the perfect way to document these significant milestones. Kohli Klicks specializes in capturing the curiosity and developing personality of your baby at this stage. During these sessions, we focus on interactive poses and expressions that showcase your baby's emerging character.

The use of vibrant colors and child-friendly props engages your baby, resulting in lively and joyful photographs. These sessions are not just about smiles and costumes; they are a celebration of developmental achievements and an exploration of budding independence. We provide a fun and safe space for your baby to express themselves, making for a delightful and memorable photoshoot.

Cake Smash Photoshoot

Celebrate your child's first birthday with a bang with Kohli Klicks’ cake smash photoshoot! This session is all about fun and controlled chaos as your little one gets to smash, squish, and enjoy a cake. We provide a themed backdrop and a professionally made cake that matches the party's color scheme and theme. The shoot captures the messy, hilarious, and adorable moments as your child discovers the joy of cake.

It’s a perfect way to mark the milestone of their first year, filled with laughter and adorable, messy faces. Our photographers are experts at creating a lively atmosphere that encourages your child to let loose and enjoy the moment, all while capturing the unforgettable memories in vibrant, high-quality photos.

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Family Photoshoot.jpg

Family Photoshoot

A family photoshoot with Kohli Klicks is more than just a photo session; it’s an opportunity to bond and create lifelong memories. Whether you're looking for a traditional portrait or something more candid and spontaneous, our photographers work with you to capture the essence of your family's relationship.

We encourage families to interact naturally, capturing genuine laughter, hugs, and playful moments. These sessions can be set in our studio, at your home, or at a meaningful location to your family. Our goal is to document your family’s unique story through beautiful, emotive photographs that showcase the love and bonds that connect you.

Professional Portrait

In today's digital age, a professional portrait is crucial for making a strong first impression. At Kohli Klicks, we specialize in creating professional portraits that enhance your corporate presence. Whether you need a new LinkedIn profile picture, images for your company website, or headshots for business cards, our sessions are designed to produce polished, professional results.

We focus on lighting, background, and posing to reflect your professional persona while adding a touch of personality. These portraits are tailored to convey professionalism and confidence, helping you stand out in your field.

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Event Photography

Kohli Klicks offers comprehensive event photography services that capture the essence of your special occasions. From corporate functions and community events to private celebrations and large festivals, our experienced photographers are skilled at documenting the atmosphere and key moments of any event.

We provide a mix of candid shots and staged photos to ensure a thorough representation of your event. Our approach is discreet and professional, allowing us to capture genuine, unposed moments without disrupting the proceedings. With Kohli Klicks, you can rest assured that the memories of your event will be beautifully preserved through vivid, dynamic photographs that tell the story of your day.

About me

Taking photographs of Children and Families is what I love doing and therefore it is what I do best. I am just as passionate about putting smiles on faces and having fun with the creative experience as I am personally fulfilled by the end result- Beautiful images that families will treasure for Generations.

I am Jaspreet Kohli and my passion is helping you preserve your memories for those special times in your life through Classic portraiture.

We offer Family Portraits, Maternity, Newborn, Sitter Session, Cake Smash and also cover the family celebrations and events.

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Why Choose Kohliklicks Photography?

Jaspreet Kohli is your top choice photographer in Edmonton for various occasions, whether it's your wedding, family portraits, maternity shoot, or engagement session.

Comfort and Elegance in Every Session. Jaspreet has a special talent for creating a relaxed atmosphere during your photo shoot. When you're with him, all you need to do is show up, and he'll work his magic behind the lens. Your resulting images will be crisp, authentic, stunning, and destined to be cherished forever!

Expertise Beyond Expectations With years of experience in Edmonton photography, Jaspreet has worked with numerous families and couples. His dedication is to exceed your expectations, ensuring a fun and professional experience during your session.

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