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Kohli Klicks – Maternity Photoshoot

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Maternity Photoshoot

Includes - Solo Glam, Couple and Family Portraits.

Package Starts with $200

30 Minutes

Maternity Photoshoot

It’s the perfect excuse to get yourself Glam & Pampered before the little bundle arrives to steal the show. I strive to make timeless images that EMPOWER you.

You can put your trust into me to create something timeless and powerful. I love how motherhood bonds can make you feel things you never felt before. It is your strength that gets you through these months and I would love to capture that time for you to look back forever through the art of Photography.

WHEN TO BOOK: These sessions take place in your 26th-32th week mark, I would recommend you to book me a month in advance or longer in the summer months. Images take 2-3 weeks for editing.

PROPS: I provide Crowns & Tiara, however clients do bring their own meaningful props like Photos, Baby Shoes, Clothing, Flowers, Balloons. These little props add up emotions to the picture and make it more realistic.

WHAT TO WEAR: Exclusive Wardrobe Access is given for Regular & Luxury gowns included in Pricing Package. Clients are most welcome to dress in their own styled outfits as well. You can definitely include your Partner and children in the session. Wearing the pastels and matching shades with family is recommended, you can check my images for more ideas. Hair and Makeup is not included but we can refer some professionals for help.

EXPECTED TIME FOR PICTURES: About 2 to 3 weeks after your session, we will email you a link to download your private online gallery.

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Maternity Photoshoot: Capturing Timeless Moments with Kohli Klicks

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Every moment of pregnancy is full of expectation and enthusiasm. It is a beautiful experience.

We at Kohli Klicks are committed to preserving the beauty of this special time in your life with our maternity photographic services since we recognize the importance of it.

Our maternity photoshoots are created to honor motherhood's power, beauty, and pleasure, whether you're searching for solo glam images, couple portraits, or endearing family photos.

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots

Imagine the sun setting behind you, casting a warm glow on your baby bump as you stand amidst the beauty of nature.

Our outdoor maternity photoshoots are designed to bring you closer to the elements, creating stunning visuals that embrace the serenity of the great outdoors.

We'll assist you in selecting the ideal setting for your outdoor maternity session, whether it's a serene park, a stunning beach, or a lovely forest.

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Maternity Studio Photoshoots

Our maternity studio photoshoots offer a blank canvas where we can create art together for individuals who want a regulated setting.

Our studio sessions provide countless opportunities for uniquely documenting your pregnancy with various backdrops, accessories, and lighting choices. Our experienced team will work with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece.

Meet Your Maternity Shoot Photographer

Your choice of photographer can make all the difference in the quality and style of your maternity photoshoot. Our photographers at Kohli Klicks are not merely experts in their field but also artists familiar with the specifics of pregnant photography.

They will collaborate closely with you to produce photographs that accurately portray your parenting experience. They have an eye for detail and a love of storytelling.

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The Magic of Pregnancy Photoshoots

Pregnancy is a time of transformation, anticipation, and boundless love. A maternity photoshoot is a chance to freeze these fleeting moments, allowing you to look back and relive the beauty of your pregnancy journey.

Our photography sessions aim to empower you, making you feel as radiant and powerful as you are.

Why Choose Kohli Klicks for Your Maternity Photoshoot?

Professional Expertise

Our lead photographer, Jaspreet Kohli, is passionate about creating images that families will treasure for generations. With years of expertise, she specializes in pregnancy photography, making her the perfect choice to record your unique journey to birth.

Empowering Photography

Pregnancy is a time of strength and empowerment. Our objective is to produce timeless and compelling photos that portray the beauty and strength of motherhood. We'll work with you to ensure you look and feel your best during the photography.

Our Maternity Photoshoot Packages

When you choose Kohli Klicks for your maternity photoshoot, you opt for a memorable experience that captures the essence of this extraordinary period in your life. Our services include:

Solo Glam, Couple, and Family Portraits

Our maternity photoshoots offer the flexibility to choose between solo sessions, romantic couple shots, or heartwarming family portraits. Whether you're enjoying your pregnancy as an individual or as a couple, we'll adapt the session to your tastes and vision.

Affordable Pricing

We think preserving these wonderful moments should be accessible to anyone. Our pregnancy photographic packages start at only $200, ensuring you can create lasting memories without breaking the budget.

30 Minutes of Pure Joy

A maternity photoshoot with us normally lasts 30 minutes, giving you a brief yet memorable experience that elegantly captures your radiance and anticipation.

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Props and Wardrobe


We supply crowns and tiaras as props to give a personal touch to your maternity images.

However, we invite you to bring important goods, such as ultrasound images, baby shoes, clothing, flowers, or balloons.

These objects may infuse emotions and importance into your images, making them even more memorable.

For clothing selections, we give unique access to a range of standard and premium dresses in our pricing package. You are also allowed to dress in your styled clothing.

Coordinating pastel hues and matching tones with your family is advised for a coherent and aesthetically pleasing effect.

If you require hair and makeup assistance, we can link you to specialists to help you achieve your ideal appearance.

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What to Expect After Your Maternity Photoshoot

After your maternity photoshoot session, our dedicated team will carefully edit and retouch your images. We appreciate the pleasure of viewing your images, and you can anticipate receiving a private online gallery link within 2 to 3 weeks. This gallery will feature your gorgeous maternity photographs, ready for you to download and keep forever.

Book Your Maternity Photoshoot Today

As you embark on this incredible journey of motherhood, trust Kohli Klicks to be your partner in preserving the memories. Whether you're searching for a "maternity photoshoot near me," an outdoor excursion, a studio session, or a full pregnancy photography, we're here to make it happen. Contact us immediately to organize your maternity session with Kohli Klicks and begin on a visual adventure of a lifetime.


  • 1. What age is best for a Cake Smash Photoshoot?
    The Cake Smash Photoshoot is typically done around your baby's first birthday. It's a wonderful way to mark this milestone and create lasting memories.
  • 2. Can I choose the cake and theme for the session?
    Absolutely! We work closely with you to tailor the session to your preferences. You can choose the cake and discuss the theme to ensure everything reflects your style.
  • 3. How do I prepare for the session?
    We'll guide you through the preparation process, including what to bring and how to make the experience enjoyable for your baby. Feel free to bring your baby's favorite toys and snacks!
  • 4. Can family members join the session?
    Of course! We welcome family members to join in and be part of the portraits, making the experience even more special.
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